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Welcome to PT Remasys Indonesia
We are an application platform provider that helps Retail & Food - Beverage firms get connected to Their bussiness. We help communities of businesses work together through a win-win partnership where everybody wins.

Using our solution, the companies can run without bussinens Their worried about the Information Technologie, we run the solution as your partner in life Low Cost and long term condition. Be a part of your company's convenience we offer and take advantage

We Connect Your Business
Founded in April 2011, stands Remasys Retail Management System, is a technology-based companies that focus on making information Technologie and provider hardware applications, the Company seeks to become one of the competent technology consultant in Indonesia that can provide a solution to the cost of an application platform effective. Remasys focus as a provider of application platform solutions for companies engaged in retail and food & beverage industry, so they are always connected and close to the business Our motto, "We are your business partner", reflects our proposition to bring the media in which the business community working together through a partnership where everyone wins. To ensure the lowest possible investment cost, the scheme introduces Remasys repeat business, where companies can use our solutions through subscription settings instead of purchasing software licenses.

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